Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ready to go

I'm due in 6-7 weeks now, and thankfully we confirmed that this baby is a boy, so he can wear all these cute covers. :) I've never used cloth diapering as a way to save money so much, but at this point in our lives (with almost 4 kids, and trying to start a business) I'm really grateful that we're all set and won't have to spend any more on disposables than we WANT to. Yay!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Forgotten

I've been pulling our cloth diaper stash out again lately. It hasn't really been used in almost a year now (since we moved from Virginia) because Katy potty-trained (more or less) pretty soon after that. But I'm halfway along with this baby, and getting interested in what we have (a lot) and what we need (thankfully not much). For the first time I am super grateful about the costs-savings using cloth is going to provide this time around. We will use -some- disposables, but I'm going to try to use cloth as much as possible. And since I have most of the basics already, it really won't cost much.
Hoping that this baby really comes out a boy (like they think he will) or she will look a little silly wearing some of these cute newborn covers I've been acquiring lately...

Thankfully we're all set for prefolds, and won't need much in covers/one-size diapers once the baby hits 12 lbs or so. Still have a bunch of Flips covers (even some boy-ish ones I had lent to my sister). It's fun to deal with a different color scheme, especially since I didn't use a LOT of cloth on Reilly, since he was 18 months when I started.