Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still at it

Sorry I don't blog about these much. Nothing too exciting has been happening in our little CD world. We are still using cloth about 75% of the time, though I've gotten a little lazy about it and run out of clean diapers probably once a week at least. :) I am washing about 3 times a week, but the washer is very full! I'm excited to hopefully get Reilly potty trained by this summer. It may not happen, but I think we'll try it after all our Christmas traveling maybe. We'll see if he seems ready. Jaina is outgrowing her mediums, so I might have to do some shopping sometime soon, as I'm selling three of her medium pockets right now.
After about 6 months of this, I've changed my mind about a few things. I'm not as much a fan of the GADs as I was at first. Sure, they seem nice and comfy, but I can't seem to keep them from leaking unless I change REALLY often. (compared to some of my other pockets) Maybe they'd do better if I used the actual GADs insert instead of BumGenius microfiber inserts. Who knows. My favorite diaper is probably the BumGenius one-size pockets, though they don't fit Reilly. Hopefully Jaina will continue fitting into them for some time, because I won't leave the house or put her down for a nap in anything else... Doing well though. Chugging along. :)

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