Friday, January 29, 2010

So I haven't really been doing any cloth-diapering in like 5-6 months now. Reilly is potty-trained, and Jaina goes through like 3-4 diapers a day, maybe. I think a lot of my stink issues were from waiting 4-5 days to wash, because I just didn't have enough diapers to make a load until then, plus it got annoying trying to fit my rather chubby Little Miss into all her cute clothes. The comination was not a winning one.
BUT since we're expecting a new baby in June, I know I want to do cloth much of the time (though maybe not at night. we'll have to see how it's going). They just go through SO many diapers, that cloth will make a lot of sense, and if I'm havig to wash every other day, I think things will smell much better around here. So I've been looking through my "stash" and seeing what I want to sell and keep, (which is hard, since we're going for "surprise" on the gender) and figuring out what I need to CD a newborn. Jaina was 4 months when we started, so I've never done this! I wish I knew boy or girl, so shopping would be easier, but it's probably just as well, since I shouldn't be spending a lot of money right now. Or maybe I should be more disciplined about selling and THEN buying. :) I even have it in my head that I might be able to MAKE some smaller fitted diapers. (could be interesting, since my sewing level is still at "beginner") I want to do it all NOW, but it really makes more sense to wait until our little June bug is born and we know what colors we can use. These are some things I've already bought:

Yes, I know, if it's a boy Jeremy won't let me use the flowered one, green or not. I wasn't thinking super clearly, and it was on clearance. At least I could -try- it and see how I feel about the FuzziBunz fit. :)

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