Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So you want pictures of our little fluff-bottom?

1 week - BumGenius AIO x-tra small
I didn't use cloth quite as much as I thought I would the first 2-3 weeks, (mostly because her cord didn't fall off until that point, and those Huggies Pure & Naturals had the sweetest little cord dip...) but after that we have used cloth on her about 75% of the time. She wears a disposable at night (because why change her and wake her up when the little sweetie almost NEVER poops at night?) and 3-4 during the week if we're going to be out for several hours sometimes. (usually to avoid changing her in some random public bathroom unecessarily). Otherwise she wears a combination of prefolds and covers, pockets, and AIO's, and we change every hour to two hours. She's a cute one!
Thirsties Duo Wrap with snaps (sz 1) over a preemie prefold. 2 weeks.

That is one fluffy bottom...

5 weeks? - BumGenius AIO small

BumGenius One Size pocket
Thirsties Duo Wrap (sz 1) over a prefold

GMD small unbleached pf, snappied

Flip cover over a stay-dry Flip insert
WAHM pocket, babylegs
GMD Chinese prefold (red-edge), snappied
and the same Thirsties Duo Wrap over that. (unsnapped to its largest size)

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