Thursday, February 25, 2010

Newborn stash

I've almost finished my newborn stash, I think.  I've got about 8 preemie prefolds, a dozen newborn ones (all from - I love them!), 3 XS Thirsties All-in-Ones, 3 flats to try, 5 PUL wraps, 1 tiny adorable fleece wrap, and several fitteds that I've attempted to make myself. Since I don't have a baby to try them on, I don't think I'd better spend time making many more just yet in case they don't work at all...
All I should need now (newborn-wise) are a few snappis and another cover or two. I think I'll wait to see if we need any "pink" or "blue" additions before I order them... As the baby gets slightly bigger, I know I want to try the Flip system from cottonbabies. It sounds great and gets good reviews! If we have a little boy there are also several pink BumGenius 3.0 pockets I need to sell, and I'll probably "need" to buy a few more blue and green... :)

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