Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty laundry

A few weeks ago we finally started actually having some sunshine and warmer days. I also got some Softbums inserts off Diaperswappers FSOT (For Sale or Trade) with some truly ugly stains, and decided to try out the "dry them in the sun" stain treatment claims... This is how my "clothesline" looked the first 2 weeks:
Pretty exciting, huh?
But it worked! It got all the scary little "someone-else's-stains" right out! I've been trying to hang them out more to save some energy, and take advantage of the nice bacteria-killing, stain-removing sunshine. It's getting a little harder now that our trees have nice big shady leaves growing on them, but my "clothesline" also got an update (mostly thanks to our dryer dying...)

Aren't they pretty? Thanks to a "seconds" sale and the recent BumGenius coupon deal that's been going on, I now have all 9 colors that they make. (The light pink and white ones are inside, not dirty yet, with about 1/3 again as many other diapers... I actually have two pink pockets, but one is mysteriously missing, and I am SO curious... at least I'm fairly sure it's CLEAN and missing. At least, I really hope so!)

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