Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did I ever mention...

that my diapers smell fantastic these days? The things I've changed (since the evil days of stinky "clean, just out of the dryer" dipes) are:
1. I wash at least every 3 days (even though I usually only have half a load at that point - I'm sure that will change with a newborn around!)
2. I try to rinse the diapers ever so slightly before I throw them in the "pail" (just to make sure they -stay- nice and wet, and to dilute the pee and poo a little) I also spray a little Bac-Out on the poopy diapers, but that's mostly just because, and in case it helps with any stinkiness in the pail. Another thing we haven't had a problem with, by the way. It's in the basement, open to the air, and I never smell it when I walk in that room. I don't stick my nose in it or anything, but...
3. I switched our detergent to Tide Free. Tide isn't recommended for cloth diapers, but there are just too many people that use it and find it to be the best for actually getting everything clean! Jaina hasn't shown any sensitivity to it, (that can happen - I hope it doesn't bother the new baby!) and we haven't had any other issues since I started using it. The powder is supposed to work better than the liquid for most people.

So here is my current wash routine:
Cold pre-rinse.  Hot wash/cold rinse (usually on medium) with Tide Free (up to the "1" line or less), extra cold rinse. I sometimes add a little eCover to that last rinse. It is a cloth-diaper-safe fabric softener, and helps keep things squishy. I try to hang my pockets and covers to dry, and put all the prefolds and inserts in the dryer, or on nice days, hang it all outside. The sun is a great stain-remover!

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